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Latest News Round Up

Welcome to the October edition of your latest news and updates round up from Cloud Next.  We’re always updating and adding to our platform to provide the most secure, reliable and feature rich hosting on the market!  If there are any features or updates our customers would like to see, get in touch using the links at the bottom of this article!

WordPress Updated
WordPress has been updated to version 4.9.8.

New and Improved Blog!
We’re pleased to announce that our new and improved blog is now live, hosted on our very own WordPress platform!

PHP Updates
PHP has been updated to the latest versions: 7.1.21 (from 7.1.19) and 7.2.9 (from 7.2.8).

Magento Updated
Our Magento one click installer has been updated to version 2.2.5.

MODX Updated
The MODX open-source CMS has had its one click installer updated to v2.6.5.

Gibbon Updated
The Gibbon open-source education platform has had its one click installer updated to version 16.0.01.

Activate your Free SSL Certificate Now
Take advantage and secure your site now with a free SSL certificate.  This can be enabled from the SSL/TLS tool in the Hosting Control Panel for any hosted domain.

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